February 2019 Pictoral Color Prints
Title Creator Club Place
The Perfect Storm David Morgan Cowtown CC 1st Place
Gunfighter Tom Savage Cowtown CC 2nd Place
Nobody's Home Alan Whiteside Dallas CC 3rd Place
City Storm Robin Stevens Louisiana PS 1st HM
Enlightening Language Tom Bush Louisiana PS 2nd HM
February 2019 Pictoral Mono Print
Title Creator Club Place
Dunes Ginny Young Cowtown CC 1st Place
Mildred Gary Kelly Dallas CC 2nd Place
A Venetian Classic Andy Lay Cowtown CC 3rd Place
John Oliver Cabin Wally Lee Oklahoma CC 1st HM
Evergreen Slave Cabins Barry Lamia GNOCC 2nd HM
February 2019 Nature Print
Title Creator Club Place
Water Music Sharon Prislipsky National Park PC 1st Place
Evening Cometh Anne Stevens Lafayette PS 2nd Place
Partner Pool Ron Shue Dallas CC 3rd Place
Black Place Landscape 1 Jan Dreskin-Haig Dallas CC 1st HM
Place of a Thousand Drips-After the Rain James Walsh Dallas CC 2nd HM
February 2019 Nature Projected
Title Creator Club Place
The Crossing Mike Hill Dallas CC 1st Place
Stalking King Lyne Raff Beaumont CC 2nd Place
Mandrill with Giant ToothPick Ed Broussard Lafayette PS 3rd Place
Meat and Vegetables Barry Broussard Lafayette PS 1st HM
Eye to Eye Cindy Hunt Louisiana PS 2nd HM