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We are glad that you have visited our site. This site is for member clubs information. One way to use this site is to find a club close to where you live and contact them about their club and it’s activities.

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If you are a camera club from one of the five states above your club is eligible for membership. Contact one of our directors for further details.

-- NOTICE --

The Oklahoma Camera Club will be delivering the entries to a group outside the Club to judge the 2015 EOY entries during the week of May 10th through May 16th.

The EOY print and EOY digital entries must be received at the address below starting April 25th and must be here by May 6th. Email digital entries and entry forms on April 25th through May 6th.

Please don't mail your print to arrive before that because we won't be home.

Carol and Tom McCreary
425 S. W. 53rd St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73109
phone: 405-634-1817
cell: 405-740-1433

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