GSCCC Rules for the Entering CLUB



Pictorial, Photojournalism and Nature prints must be no larger than 16”x 20”, either mounted or un-mounted.  For a mounted print, the mounting board should be no larger than 20”x 24”.  There is no minimum size.  Prints may be printed commercially or self-printed.  

Each print must be identified with a title, the maker’s name, and the name of the club. Full instructions (7/23/17) and Print Competition Checklist


Each digital entry must be a jpeg file with maximum  dimensions of 1024 pixels in width  and 768 pixels in height. There are no minimum pixel dimensions or file size limits.

Image files must be renamed to only the title of the image, such as “Running in the Rain.jpg”.
Full instructions (7/23/17) and Digital Competition Checklist

Number of Entries

In the Photojournalism and Nature competitions, each club may enter four digital and four prints.  Prints may be either color, B&W, or a mixture of both.

For the Pictorial Prints and Pictorial Digital competitions, each club may enter 4 color images and 4 monochrome images.

A club’s four entries must be the work of four different makers.  It is recognized that it is possible that one person may have more than one picture submitted in the same contest by reason of membership in more than one club.


Any photograph that wins a place (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 1HM, and 2HM) in any GSCCC monthly competition is ineligible for entry again in any category.  A winning image may not be reversed and entered again.  Photographs that do not place in a GSCCC monthly competition may be re-entered in any future GSCCC competition.

The same image cannot be entered in more than one category in the same competition. 

Winners of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 1HM, and 2HM of each category in GSCCC monthly competitions are eligible to be entered in the same category in the annual End-of-Year competition.  No images receiving awards from previous years are eligible to enter.

Submitting THE ENTRIES

For all emails sent to the judging club containing a completed Excel file Competition Form (required for both print and digital competitions), both the subject line of the email and the filename of the completed Excel file Competition Form should include ALL of the following:

1.      GSCCC
2.      Competition month and Year
3.      Competition Category (for example, Pictorial Digital Mono)
4.      Entering Club’s Initials (for example, CCC (for Cowtown Camera Club))

For example, the Excel filename and subject line of the email might be “GSCCC June 2017 Pictorial Digital Mono entries from CCC”.

Prints should be mailed no later than the first day of the judging month, to ensure that the prints reach the judging club by the 15th of the judging month.  A return label and postage must be included. The entering club should email a completed Excel Competition Form to the judging club, with prints listed for all competitions that month which will be judged by that judging club.

For EACH digital competition that month, entering clubs should send an email with their digital images and completed Excel Competition Form (the link is below) to the judging club. A club entering three digital competitions that month should send three separate emails; one for each competition.

When prints are mailed, an email should be sent to the judging club to let them know that the entry is on the way.


Each club’s GSCCC Representative should keep a digital image of all submitted prints and maintain a log of all his/her club’s entries, including points received and ribbons earned.

(updated 06/24/2018)