Year-End Competition Judging

Join us Thursday night at 6:00 pm for the year end competition judging.

Meet the Judges


Steve Kozak

Steve Kozak

Steve Kozak, M. Photog., CPP, is an active member of the Texas Professional Photographers Association (TPPA) and the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

Steve has earned the “Master of Photography” and the “Photographic Craftsman” degrees and the “Certified  Professional Photographer” degree from PPA. He has also been awarded the “Full Fellowship” degree from TPPA.

Steve’s work has been accepted into numerous exhibitions representing TPPA and PPA, including a prestigious exhibit by Eastman Kodak Company and Walt Disney World that is held at EPCOT in Orlando, Florida.  In addition, his work has been selected for the permanent “Loan Collection” that travels the world to promote PPA.

Professional recognition of his work also include:
Numerous Distinguished Print Awards
The “Trophy Print” award for best portfolio
Numerous “Merit” prints from PPA

He is returning for his 16th year to teach at the prestigious Texas School of Professional Photography.  He has also recently taught for his 12th year at Imaging USA.  He recently taught at Image Explorations in near Victoria, BC, and at the Mid America Institute of Professional Photography (MAIPP).



Tom Fox

Tom Fox

Dallas Morning News Senior Staff Photographer Tom Fox has spent the better part of 28 years telling stories and documenting the communities we live in. 

Tom was part of a small team of photographers at The Dallas Morning News who won the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography for their coverage of Hurricane Katrina. He’s been honored by the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors as the Photojournalist of the Year and Star Photographer of the Year by the Texas Headliner’s Foundation. Tom also has won numerous Regional, National and International photography awards.

The native Minnesotan settled in Texas where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Texas – Arlington. He also worked as a staff photographer for the Corpus Christi Caller-Times. Before returning to The Dallas Morning News, Tom helped launch a new newspaper, serving as The Arlington Morning News chief photographer and photo editor.


Bob Gingo

Bob Gingo

Currently retired.... working part-time as professional consultant for photo studios.  Favorite personal photographic styles: classic B&W and artistically crafted color prints

Formal Educational Background:  Masters Certificate in Russian language; undergraduate (BS) degrees in business and in computer science.

Formal Occupations (former day jobs):  Russian language translator (USAF); communications computer program design and development (USAF); Lockheed Martin computer software engineering (Missiles Div.).

Photographic Occupations (part-time): Instructor for photography courses with Univ. of Maryland and several community colleges in subject areas such as Ansel Adams' zone system, color darkroom theory, digital photography and fine-art printing; developed non-formal classes/seminars in digital photography techniques utilizing many venues.

Past Photographic Activities:
            1970s: part-owner of a portrait studio
            1980s: part-time photojournalist for USAF magazine
            1990s: conducted workshops as member Ft. Worth Camera Club
            2000s: Newsletter Editor and conducted workshops/seminars as member of Ft. Worth PPA

TODAY:  No current club affiliation;  consulting photography studios to improve studio color management/processing and in-house print production. Current personal photographic projects: travel: two month-long trips to east Asia and one to Hawaii: producing slideshows and two new portfolios.