September 2019 Color Prints
Title Creator Club Place
Colors of Burano Ginny Young Cowtown CC 1st Place
Under My Wing Julie Pastor Lafayette PS 2nd Place
Red Rock Canyon Gene Bachman Louisiana PS 3rd Place
Sentinel Cynthia Parish Beaumont CC 1st HM
The Glory of Rome Andy Lay Cowtown CC 2nd HM
September 2019 Monochrome Prints
Title Creator Club Place
Buggy Ride to Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar Linda Medine Louisiana PS 1st Place
Mountain Man Ed Broussard Lafayette PS 2nd Place
A Visitor to the Monastery Jack Young Cowtown CC 3rd Place
Pots on Ropes Kaye Hargis Dallas CC 1st HM
Flight of Fancy Sharon Prislipsky National Park PC 2nd HM
September 2019 Nature Prints
Title Creator Club Place
That’s My Bug!!! Tammy Heil Louisiana PS 1st Place
New Beginnings Melany Musso Lafayette PS 2nd Place
Never Cry Wolf Robin Stevens Louisiana PS 3rd Place
Magnified Moonflower Clinton Kemp Dallas CC 1st HM
Seal Larry Petterborg Dallas CC 2nd HM
September 2019 Nature Projected
Title Creator Club Place
Spicebush Swallowtail Butterfly Jane Ashley Houston PC 1st Place
High Island Sunrise Julie Cheng Houston PC 2nd Place
Watching Antelope F. Joe Schmitt Houston CC 3rd Place
Nature's Camouflage Debbie Conard Plano PC 1st HM
Just a Little Bit Closer Gene Bachman Louisiana PS 2nd HM