July 2017 Color Prints
Title Creator Club Place
1 1/2 Figs Frank Richards Dallas CC 1st Place
Foggy Woods Dee Overture Cowtown CC 2nd Place
Waiting For His Woman George Howell Cowtown CC 3rd Place
Crystal Mill John Miguez Lafayette PS 1st HM
Chackbay Church John F. Crifasi Louisiana PS 2nd HM
July 2017 Monochrome Print
Title Creator Club Place
The Rich Man Ron Shue Cowtown CC 1st Place
Trestle Dennis Fritsche Dallas CC 2nd Place
Palouse Falls in February Gregory Daley Lafayette PS 3rd Place
Oregon Cairns Jan Dreskin-Haig Dallas CC 1st HM
Joe Jo Ann Gary Lafayette PS 2nd HM
July 2017 Nature Prints
Title Creator Club Place
Departing the Scene Jack Young Cowtown CC 1st Place
Carrying by the Tail Tom Savage Cowtown CC 2nd Place
Majesty of the Swamp Theresa Mullins Low Louisiana PS 3rd Place
Little Napolean Brian Fesko Cowtown CC 1st HM
Tunnel View Yosemite Richard Cox Dallas CC 2nd HM
July 2017 Nature Projected
Title Creator Club Place
Big Eyes Elizabeth Buchanan Heard Nature PC 1st Place
Finches Philip Tan Houston PC 2nd Place
Camel Thorn Trees Marea Downey Plano PC 3rd Place
Badlands National Park Steve Reeves Dallas CC 1st HM
Broad Tailed Hummingbird Fred Land Cowtown CC 2nd HM