May 2017 Color Prints
Title Creator Club Place
McCloskey's Oranges, Pick Me Wayland Theadgill Dallas CC 1st Place
Petals of Distinction Jack Young Cowtown CC 2nd Place
Moulton Barn and Stars Barry Lamia GNOCC 3rd Place
Red-Eyed Tree Frog Nancy Crays Lafayette PS 1st HM
Sassafras Pam Hughes Beaumont CC 2nd HM
May 2017 Monochrome Prints
Title Creator Club Place
Mozambique Day Cruise World M Gregory Daley Lafayette PS 1st Place
Biker Larry Petterborg Dallas CC 2nd Place
The Truth is Out There Ron Shue Cowtown CC 3rd Place
California Mission Carol McCreary Oklahoma CC 1st HM
Wagon Wheel Fence Tom Oelsner GNOCC 2nd HM
May 2017 Nature Prints
Title Creator Club Place
Artic Angels Ron Shue Cowtown CC 1st Place
Bear-ly Alert Brenda Smith Cowtown CC 2nd Place
My Blue Eyed Boy Shirley Pohlman National Park PC 3rd Place
Ten colors Brian Fesko Cowtown CC 1st HM
Iceland Tom Oelsner GNOCC 2nd HM
May 2017 Nature Projected
Title Creator Club Place
Yellow-Billed Stork F. Joe Schmitt Houston PC 1st Place
Metallic Green Bee On Flower Inge Vautrin Oklahoma CC 2nd Place
The Kids Randy Hall Slidell PC 3rd Place
Whitetailed Eagle with Fish Kathy Reeves Louisiana PS 1st HM
Halloween Pennant Love Janet Chung Houston PC 2nd HM