Lightroom Workshop

by Sean Fitzgerald
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sunday, May 7, 2017
Marriott Hotel
$99  limited to 20 participants

Registration now open


Lightroom Developing

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful raw processor, especially if you understand what it is doing and how far you can push it.  We will explore some of its advanced and underused tools and features and demonstrate how to approach image processing consistently for better results.

Lightroom and Your Digital Workflow

One of the more important things a digital photographer can do is develop and maintain a consistent workflow, from capture to organizing to developing to output. When used this way, Lightroom's true power shows through. This workshop will help you develop and turbo-charge your own Lightroom workflow.

Lightroom and Your Digital Workflow

Digital photographer must develop and maintain a consistent workflow in order to be efficient.  Yet most photographers have barely tapped into all that Lightroom can do to help them organize, develop, share, output, sell and even protect their mages easily and efficiently.  From capture to organizing to developing to output, each choice stacks on top of another, either creating problems or solving them! In this workshop, we will build a digital workflow around Lightroom. Classroom size is small and we will have plenty of time for questions and debate.

Topics will include:

o             How to shoot for Raw.
o             Color Management
o             Import Issues
o             File Renaming and Folder Management
o             Managing images through ratings, labels, captions and keywords
o             Image searching
o             Advanced image organization and filtering with Collections and Smart Collections
o             Raw Image Processing (workflow + advanced techniques)
o             Presets and Plugins
o             Efficient Batch Outputting
o             Unleashing the power of Publishing Collections
o             Advanced Printing

Presentation will also include precise recommendations and detailed notes.

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