July 2019 Color Prints
Title Creator Club Place
My Chicken Kathy Weir Beaumont CC 1st Place
Dallas at Night Gene Bachman Louisiana PS 2nd Place
Evening at Pictured Rocks Sharon Prislipsky National Park PC 3rd Place
Universe In Motion Terri CunnynghamJulie Cheng Beaumont CC 1st HM
The Foot Bridge Kaye Hargis Dallas CC 2nd HM
July 2019 Monotone Prints
Title Creator Club Place
Cuban Man-In Open Window Dennis Fritsche Dallas CC 1st Place
The Scout Betty Bush Louisiana PS 2nd Place
Winter Wonderland Ron Shue Cowtown CC 3rd Place
The Roper Alan Whiteside Dallas CC 1st HM
A Bridge Across Time Marilyn Goff Louisiana PS 2nd HM
July 2019 Nature Prints
Title Creator Club Place
Another Stick For The Nest Melany Musso Lafayette PS 1st Place
Swamp Egret Fred Land Cowtown CC 2nd Place
Grizzly Out of the Water Tom Savage Cowtown CC 3rd Place
Last Light Ron Shue Cowtown CC 1st HM
Crusing the Coast Renee Pierce Louisiana PS 2nd HM
July 2019 Nature Projected
Title Creator Club Place
The Playing Hippos Chih-Yun Chiang Dallas CC 1st Place
Bottoms Up Stephen Mayeux Houston PC 2nd Place
Rainier Wildflowers Jack Harrison Heard Nature PC 3rd Place
Along the Canyon Floor Jack Young Cowtown CC 1st HM
Crooked Tree Cathy Smart Louisiana PS 2nd HM