Friday Morning

Fort Worth Nature Preserve photo shoot.  A guided shoot limited to 15 guests. (FULL) 

Friday Night


The extravaganza is being held at the Fort Worth Stockyards.  The $30 ticket includes a photo shoot of the Legends of Texas - an organization of Texas western actors followed by dinner at the Stockyards Station. 

After dinner folks can enjoy the stockyards shopping,etc or can go to the Rodeo for additional action and photo opportunities.  Everything is within easy walking distance to each other within the Stockyards.  Billy Bob's of Texas is also in the Stockyards if folks prefer music and dancing rather than the rodeo,etc.


Visit for full information about this event.  Convention rate of $15 includes a discount. This event provides an opportunity for lots of fun action shots.

Saturday Morning

Amon Carter Museum offers a number of permanent collection covering a variety of mediums, including photography.  This event is free and limited to 25 guests.

Saturday Evening

Awards Banquet

Dinner at Texas Motor Speedway the $35 ticket included a buffet dinner, guest speaker and awards presentation, all in the exciting Texas Motor Speedway facility.

Sunday Morning

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Join Us on a Guided Photography Tour of the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center at a cost of $65 and with a limit of 50 guests, and let us take you on a leisurely guided tour along the Scenic Wildlife Drive, as you meet some of your favorite animals. Thrill to the giraffe’s long neck bending over you. Squeal with excitement as our ostriches investigate you. Enliven your morning, afternoon, or evening while being introduced to our kudu, cheetah, addax, and other exotic residents. On the Behind-the-Scenes and Ride-the-Rim tours, you can journey to parts of the park not visited on the Scenic Drive. Enjoy the opportunity to discover our onsite research and to examine what you can do to make a difference in our world. These tours provide a truly educational experience you won’t soon forget.